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Nicolás Berlingieri - MFIAP
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Nicolás Berlingieri
Was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1947. He studied in Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain. He was, for twenty five years, the General Manager and Vice-president of PEVECE S.A.I.C., a leading corporation in calandered plastic. At present he is PC analyst, programmer of software, and teacher of Digital Photography at UADE University. A self-taught photographer, he took up photography as a hobby at first. He became a fan when he joined Foto Club Argentino in 1967, where he was elected President in 1974. He also joined Foto Club Norte in 1968, and Foto Club Buenos Aires in 1975, where he covered several managements up till now.He has been on the panel of Judges in International Salons of Photography since 1973. He was “Guest Judge” in North American and European Exhibitions. In 1998 he was named Vice-president of Academic Foundation of Visual Arts. From 1998 until 2006 he was Member of the Directory Board of the Foto Club Buenos Aires and of the Artistic Committee of the same institution. Since 1999 he has been Professor of Digital Photography at the UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa). From 2001 until 2004 he was Director of International Salons of the FCBA. He received a Diploma as “Guest Professor“ of the University of Art and Design of Shandong (China), and was distinguished as Excellency FIAP by the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (France), Member of Honor of Photodigitalgrosseto (Italy) and of Fotoforum (Luxembourg) (in both cases this has been the only such distinction granted up to anybody so far). He is a Member of Honor of the Foto Club Argentino and of the Foto Club Buenos Aires. He has been an associate of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) since 1973 and of ISF (Imàges Sans Frontière) since 2005.
He has done more than 20 individual exhibitions of his works, several of them abroad, and has participated in numerous joint exhibitions, having been invited to be personally present in China, Italy, Sweden, Spain and the United States. The Government of the Province of San Luis invited him to exhibit his surrealistic photos together with the work of the famous Catalan painter Dalí in the Mega-Exhibition called “Dalí and Surrealism”. Among his numerous awards (both at national and international level), the following ones are the most outstanding:He was top in Photography Ranks for 17 times
Homage to the Painters
Homage to the Painters
Dali's camels
Dali's camels
Dali's crying Mae West
Dali's crying Mae West
Dali's melting guitar
Dali' time staue
Dalinian Rocamadour
Flint pregnancy
Dali's holes
Two profiles
Dalinian Cappadokia
Dali's sunny day
Dalinian Odalisk
Empty head
Sunset jerk
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