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Josef Obertscheider - EFIAP
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Josef Obertscheider - EFIAP- ER.ISF - MVÖAV
Born 1954 in Lienz/Austria.
Since 1979 he is interested in photography, since 1993 he is dealing primarily with digital image processing. Josef Obertscheider is member of the "Fotoclub Lienz" and juror at national and international salons. He obtained numerous awards and prices at international salons, his images have been published in many magazines.
Initially autodidact, Josef Obertscheider attended numerous workshops on photography and digital image processing, given i.e. by Professor Miloslav Stibor (Czech Republic), Jerry Uelsmann (USA) and Manfred Kriegelstein (Germany).
In the last 25 years he partecipated at more than 30 exhibitions (personal and group exhibitions) in many European countries.
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