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Jozef Aerts - MFIAP
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Jozef AERTS - E.FIAP/Pl MFIAP - PSA PID Diamond 2 - ND  9th Galaxy - PJ 5th Galaxy - PT Diamond 3 - MP *** - CP **** - ED.ISF - VLF D****/F - FPSA - GMPSA/b - AS.IIPC
Jozef AERTS lives in Hasselt, Belgium. He started in 1973 with photography. He joined PSA in 1975 and since that time, he had about 11000 accepted pictures in Provincial, National and International Exhibitions (FIAP and PSA recognized) in more than 60 countries. He has received about 1150 awards, including many FIAP, PSA and other medals in CPID, ND, PJ, PT, and prints.
He received his APSA in 1987, his FPSA in 1992, and the Master FIAP in 2008. He regularly receives invitations for special exhibitions and to judge in different countries all over the world. In 2010 he received the Fallon Award.

He has been first in the world in Who's Who in Photo Travel and, since 1981, he has been in the Top Ten for Photo Travel (PID and prints). He received his GMPSA in 2012 and his GMPSA/b in 2015.
Jozef is the PSA Area Membership Director for Western Europe and he is also the International Representative for Belgium. Jozef regularly publishes in international photo magazines. His preferences in photography include children, old people, portraits, animals, photojournalism, and photo travel.
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