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Andreas L.Andreou - EFIAP/p
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ANDREAS L ANDREOU - EFIAP/p, HonEFIAP, PhenixISF, GPU-VIP4, GPU-CR4, RISF6, ICS/Safiiri, GMS-UPHK, ME-UPHK, GM-SAP, HonFICS, HonEPI, MHIPS, MSAP, MICS, MUSPA, MFMPA, MSWAN, HonMPI, DSISF, FPlatinumISF, EHISF, Hon. FUPHK,  HonFHIPS(India), HonFKO(Croatia), HonFBSPA(Bangladesh), HonFPI(India), HonFPSBP(Malaysia), HonFARGUS(Romania),  HonFPSG(Pakistan), HonFSAP(India), HonE.USPA,  HonF.SWAN, HonE.FMPA, SE.HKCPAC, BME, ISF CR(Cyprus), Hon Chairman ICS Intl Distinction Service - Europe Continental, Vice President ICS- West Europe, Co-Chairman ICS USPA FMPA SWAN Honors Committee, Director of  ICS Intl Patronage Service, CPS Consultant, Intl Judge and Photographic Advisor, Organiser of FIAP Auspices Projects “1st, 2nd Young Photographers Of The World”- “1st , 2nd From My Country With Love And Friendship”- “Best Of Photographers Of The World”- “Let’s Celebrate Together The 60 Years Of FIAP“- Organiser of FIAP Patronage Projects “1st, 2nd, 3rd Tourism“,“Rock“-  “1st PESGSPC Intl Exhibition“, Organiser of PSA Recognition “ISF World Cup – for Cyprus 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014“, Honorary Chairman of FIAP Auspices Project “1st FIAP in my heart forever” – “1st Photographers of the World”.
 "Photography makes people want to see more and become ambassadors of love, peace, friendship and solidarity through this."
He has been awarded with 270 international awards including 84 gold medals.
He received 13 Masters.
He holds the title of EFIAP / p (Excellence FIAP platinum medal) and HonEFIAP (Honourary Excellence FIAP). ICS awarded him the top distinction ICS / Safiiri.
The directory board of "Image Sans Frontieres", unanimously awarded the highest and unique triple portfolio distinction of the Photographic Phoenix (Constellation Phoenix-PISF).
Seeking bridges of love, friendship and peace with the world organized under the auspices of the Federation of Art Photography FIAP 1st and 2nd International Online Exhibitions Photograph "From my Country with Friendship and Love." The universal values of love and friendship took root in the hearts of people throughout the world. Great success saw the organization of 3rd international online photography exhibition entitled «Best of Photographers of the World». The 4th international online photography exhibition and display, a commemorative presentation on the 60th anniversary of the World Federation of Photographic Art FIAP under the general title «Let's Celebrate Together the 60 Years of FIAP» riveted photography lovers with unique photographs presented with the participation of 69 countries. The song of Andreas L. Andreou who wrote especially for the 60-year FIAP 'FIAP is in my Heart Forever' has obtained excellent comments and later sung by all participants at the Congress of FIAP, Singapore. Two distinguished presentations were the 5th and 6th international online exhibitions and screenings, a special tribute to young, '1st and 2nd Youth Photographers of the World'.
Sea memories
Road crossing
Motion in the street
Girl with umbrella
Mothers love
Street life
Dry Season
Dream door
Recalling the past
Out the frame
World News
Magination eyes
The Vietnamese old Man
Lady with umbrella
Light Puzzle
Creta old woman
Trunk Face
She is back
Red harmony
White harmony
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