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Gregory Panayiotou - EFIAP
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Gregory Panayiotou - EFIAP, PSA 3*, RISF-2, FISF, Hon.ICS, Hon.PESGSPC
Gregory Panayiotou was born on October 4, 1966 in Limassol, Cyprus, where he resides.
His profession is Analyst / Programmer and working as IT Manager in a large company in Cyprus.
His passion for photography began at the early childhood when he began experimenting with photography using a toy camera!
Gregory attended photography courses when he returned from his studies in 1990 and since then has dealt with more zeal and love for photography by taking part in local competitions with several awards and distinctions.
He deals with all kinds of photography, but mainly Macro photography and portraits. Simultaneously Gregory combines his involvement with computers with photography and creates works through computer processing.
From 2006 he began to send his work to international competitions and photography salons winning several awards and distinctions among thousands of other photographers. In recognition of the success, in 2010 the International Federation of Art Photography (FIAP) awarded him the title of Artist Photographer AFIAP (Artist FIAP). He has also recognized as a 3 star exhibitor from PSA (Photographic Society of America) and artist photographer at second level (R-ISF 2) of ISF (Photography Without Borders).
In 2012 Gregory was awarded the title EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) by FIAP.
Gregory has also served as judge in local and international photography competitions since 2011.
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