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Tijen Erol - EFIAP
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Tijen Erol, EFIAP

I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and studied Engineering Sciences, METU and MBA, EMU. I took courses on Photography in Central Saint Martins College. I graduated this year from ‘Photography and Filmmaking’ in Anadolu University. Because of my intense interest on diverse cultures and social issues, my photographs are mostly about people, life and cultures. I took part in two group exhibitions in London in 2008 and 2010. I also participated in ‘How Much’ Contemporary Art Exhibition in Cyprus in 2010 and partook in the ‘Futureless Lives’ group photography exhibition in Turkey and Cyprus about the Palestinians in Palestinian Refugee Camps of Lebanon. I represented my country in Bashkortostan Photographers Meeting in the same year. I have been chosen ‘The Best Performing Photographer’ in 2014 in CPS Pancyprian Competition in Cyprus. I had an exhibition ‘Exotic Morocco’ in 2014 with another Cypriot photographer Buket Ozatay. I also took part in the Documentary Photography Workshop Group Exhibition in Cyprus and “Embodied Spaces” Workshop Group Exhibition in Austria in 2015. My documentary ‘The Years in Between’ have been chosen to be screened in II. Documentary Photography Days in Istanbul in the same year. I have been invited to 4th Berlin Biennale in 2016. My photos have been awarded and exhibited many times nationally and internationa



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