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Roger Jourdain
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Having practiced the business photography in a great industrial group, I am now 63 years old, I am in the retirement and I make the photograph in passionate hobbyist
Member of the Photographic Federation of France since 1992.
Active member of the Photographic Society of America since 1997.
Member of the United Photographers International since 2008.
Vice-president of the movement European of amateur photographers: Image Without Frontier, between 2002 and 2007.
My honours list:
In national:
Three times winner of the Cup of France of the clubs.
Two times winner of the "Concours National Nature" organized by the Photographic Federation of France.
Best color slide of the Cup of France in 1995.
Best color slide of the Cup of France in 2002.
2nd place in "concours nature" organized by Objective Nature some 2000.
Winner of the "concours nature" organized by Objective Nature some 2002.
In international:
Five P.S.A. stars in category "color slides" in international salons.
Five P.S.A. stars in category "Nature"  in international salons.
10th world photographer in category Nature in the Who's Who of the Photographic Society America of in 2002 and 2003.
Nominee in nature open by the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 1998.
Winner in Portrait amateur section of the Photography Masters Cup 2009.
Best author of international exhibition 2011 Imagen Virtual of Buenos Aires - Argentina.
Second best author of international exhibition 2011 Limours - France.
and...many awards PSA and FIAP.
Thanks to see my webpage about this honours list :
P.S. Sorry for the few of honors that I present you; because I prefer to be on the land rather than to make administrative demands
Elephants Fighting
Leopard and Dikdik 1
Leopard and Kill Masai Mara 1
Serengeti's killers under raim
Chacals a chabraque
Tenderness in Baboons
Call of deep 5
Zebras fighting Kenya
Wildebeest and babies
Maki and baby
Mating pink flamingos
Goliath fishing
Coot and baby 2
Common tern loving 1
Black-Winged stilt mating
Sea turtle in reunion
Lesser kestrel in flight
Bee-eaters 1
Blue tit in winter
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