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Joachim W. Dettmer -   DGPh, MFIAP, FPSA, MPSA, ASIIPC, PSA-Multiple-Galaxy
...and 25 more International Honors and Honorary Memberships awarded by Photo Societies around the world.
Place of residence:                                     Pulheim, Germany
Serious approach to photography:             End of the 1970’s
Photo-Preferences:                                     Artistic Photography and
                                                                    Photo Journalism
                                                           by using 'photoshop' just as a dark room.
Joined AKF study group, DVF/FIAP:                    1980
Joined Photographic Society of America:            1981
Up to 2010 he had about 6,000 pictures at exhibitions in 50 countries and received about 700 awards, including many PSA and FIAP Gold Medals. Among them winner of the RPS International Slide Exhibition as well as multiple winner of the Grand Prix DiaPol and GoldRail Arezzo.
Between 1996 and 2000 he was appointed a Board Member and FIAP Liaison for the German Federation for Photography (DVF) as well as PSA’s International Representative for Germany.
He receives regular invitations to Special Exhibitions and Jury Sessions.
His written and photographic work regularly appears in publications in the international photo and daily press, in books, calendars, advertising and in the world wide web. He receives special invitations to annuals, collections and museums.
He was the 2006 recipient of the, formerly by Nikon sponsored, 'IUTP Award' (International Understanding Through Photography), presented by the Photographic Society of America.
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