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Maria Vogiatzaki - EFIAP
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Maria Vogiatzaki - EFIAP, GPU Hermes, GPU CR2
I was born in Athens,Greece, but, ever since 1985 I have been living on the beautiful island of Crete.
I am an English teacher and I have been working in a primary state school for twelve years. My journey in photography started in 2006 when I first attended the seminar lessons in the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete. Since then, I have been a regular member of it, participating in various activities such as workshops, exhibitions, contests e.t.c.
I gained my first distinction ( a bronze medal) in the “ 2011 Cyprus- Crete “ contest which marked off the beginning of my successful continuous participation in national photographic exhibitions ,as well as, co
mpetitions under the FIAP ,the PSA and the GPU patronage. In July 2013, the Federation Internationale de l'art Photographique (F.I.A.P.) and the Global Photographic Union ( GPU, formerly known as UPI) honored me with the artistic title A FIAP (Artist FIAP) and the GPU Hermes and GPU CR2 title, respectively, in recognition of my artistic achievements in international photography competitions. Since December 2014 I have been a holder of the EFiap (Excellence FIAP) title, which gives me the motive to continue improving my work in photography, by taking part and receiving distinctions in numerous photo competitions. Moreover, I have been given the opportunity to have an exhibition of my work during the Huangshan Yixian Photographic Festival, as well as the Qinghai Photographic Festival, both held in China in 2014.
Last but not least, I was honored to be five times in the jury committee of the International Greek Photo Circuit, as well as, in the Olympic Photo Circuit and the Bi-Continental Photo Circuit.
I consider photography as a journey through which I am given the opportunity to communicate my experiences and my way of thinking and perceiving the world we live in. Therefore, I admit to say that the journey has just started!
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