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Sunita Aich - EFIAP
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Sunita Aich  - AFIAP - EFIAP - AFIP  - Born in 1987, I’m practicing Photography since 2005. I switch over to photography from fine art painting. I love to shoot human life, there expressions, pattern, Street scenes etc.  I participated in different national and international salons from 2007.
Apart from India, my photographs are exhibited in Ireland, Brazil, U.S.A., England, Luxemburg, Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Taiwan, France, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia & Herzegovina etc. Till today (14th January, 2014), I received approximately 150 acceptances in 16 countries for my 32 works.  In 2013 I received Artist of "Fèdèration Internationale dè l'Art Photographique " honour – AFIAP and EFIAP as the junior most photographer in India.
I am a fine art photographer by profession, working as a faculty & board of governors in Indian Visual Arts Foundation (a non- profit organization). I am also working as freelance administrative & financial consultant in different photography organizations.
Colors of India
Face of India
Angry Look
Little Nomad
A View
Hand of Faith
In an empty room
Two sisters
Two sisters
A Setting Sun
First in the Row
Second Childhood
Second Childhood
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