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Agatha Anne Bunanta is born and lives in Indonesia.
She stays in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. She is a businesswoman, graduated as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).
Started photography as a hobby in 2003 and it became more serious hobby where she participated in many international salons, involved actively in photography organizations and initiated many photography projects
She earns international photography distinction such as ARPS (the first female Indonesian Photographer who received this distinction) MPSA, EFIAP /s, UPI Crown4 (for the last three distinctions, she is the first and currently the only Indonesian Photographer who received those distinctions)
She has received many medals and honorable mentions from many international photo competitions around the world (2006 – present)
PSA Who’s Who
- Top Overseas EID Exhibitors in PSA Who’s Who 2006, 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
- Top 10 Worldwide Small Print Monochrome in PSA Who’s Who 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011
She is the PSA Region Director and Liaison Officer for Indonesia
She was awarded PSA International Representative (IR) of the Year 2012
She is the Chairperson of RPS Indonesia Chapter
She is Treasurer in Candra Naya Photographic Society – Indonesia (2009-Present)
She is the Founder and Chairperson of Indonesia Salon of Art Photography. This is the first International Salon in Indonesia that have been recognized by three international photography organizations (PSA, FIAP and RPS)
She is a juror for many photo competitions both nationally and internationally such as : Jury for Al Thani Award 2011 (Qatar), 2nd UPI International Exhibition 2011 (Sweden), Indonesia Salon 2009/2013 (Indonesia), Photo Canon Maraton 2013, (Indonesia), Indonesia President Trophy, 2013(Indonesia), Liga Interagrupaciones 2013 (Spain) and many more.
She is considered to be the pioneer in international salon in her era in Indonesia.
She actively introduces, teaches, helps and encourages many Indonesia photographers to get more exposure in international photography and to get photography distinctions.
Photography has already become part of her life, a medium to express her artistic feelings, a medium to broader her vision, a medium to share with others and a medium to meet many new.
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