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Teguh Santosa
My Concept About Macro Photography

Shrink into Beauty
Do you remember the film at the late 80s, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”? The film imaginatively tells about a scientist father who accidentally shrinks his children into the size of a flea. With such a tiny size, their yard turns into full wilderness filled with giant animals. They get lost in it and have to go through a full sense of endless full-tensed adventure, amazement, and astonishment, and even into an extraordinary sensation that they would have never found in normal world.
This sensation of awe and surprise is what I really want to experience every time I am “lost” in the world of macro photograph. An obsession which is keen on bringing about macro photos in a brand new concept that is no longer dwell only on the extreme magnification, sharpness, and sheer beauty. I personally think, as a means of expression, macro pictures should also be having value that ultimately is able to afford a deep impression in the mind or feelings of the audience. When it failed to do so, an image will only be a beautiful picture, which represses the true potential a photograph could ever possess.
A photo which solely focuses at the formal level will not produce a richer discourse; it will simply wallow in a puddle of praising adjectives. Visual charm can be dangerous when it is unable to produce any further cultural discourse.
I tried to visualize and realize those idea of new macro concept through macro photos that I created, which do not solely rely on object-magnification as we saw a small object with a magnifying glass, but (as if) I am the one who should shrink and be astonished by the behavior of the 'giants' (ants, ladybugs, water drops, etc.). In such astonishment I witnessed the extraordinary beauty of the cool dew drops, the agile movement of ants, the patience of wasps while they are sucking the flowers, and the fluttering ladybug wings in their mating season, and so on.
Important lesson that I learned is, that by having willingness to shrink all senses, thoughts, and feelings, the macro world will presents myriads of spectacular events. The event may be small, very small in size, but can be greatly inspiring to the world of man, and to life with all its beauty.
Shrink yourself, and enjoy the amazing adventure in the macro world!

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