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Andy Lim Sin Kun - PPSA
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I bought my first DSLR Camera in 2011. I started my photography journey in 2012 when I met Danny Wong Yen Sin MPSA ,  He encourage me to take part in International Salon Competition and I won My very first International Salon Medal in 2013. I had won 45 Salon Medals since started from 2013 till now. Anyway, the most happiest in my photography journey is I had been recognized the Photographic Society of America (PSA) Award in Projected Image of the year 2014 3rd Place.

PPSA ( Proficiency Photographic Society of America , USA )
ASWAN ( Associate Swan Photo Club International , USA )
A.PSMa ( Associateship The Photographic Society Malacca  , Malaysia )
SE.PSBP ( Salon Exhibitor Photo-Art Society Batu Pahat , Malaysia )
EP.PSBP ( EP.PSBP Excellence Photographer Photographic Photo-Art Society Batu Pahat , Malaysia )
A.PSP ( Asocciateship of Photographic Society of Penang , Malaysia ) 
16.11.2014 Photographic Society Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia) Macro Photography Workshop & Exhibition
18.4.2014 Photographic Artistic Johor (Malaysia) Macro Photography Workshop & Exhibition
17.5.2015 The Photographic Society Malacca (Malaysia) Macro Photography Workshop & Exhibition
26.5.2015 Photographic Society Kluang (Malaysia) Macro Photography Workshop & Exhibition
20.6.2015 Miri Photographic Society (Malaysia) Macro Photography Workshop & Exhibition
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Orchid Mantis
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Boxer Mantis
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Flower Mantis
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