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Danny Yen Sin Wong - ARPS
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Danny Yen Sin Wong - Hon.FSWAN, FPSM, ARPS, AICS, AUSPA, ASPM, EFMPA, UPI CR3, PPSA, PSA 5 Star (PID-C), 4 Star (PTD), 3 Star (ND), 3 Star (PJD), 3 Star (PID-M).
Born in 1973 in a small town named as Seremban in Malaysia, Danny Wong has a great passion in travel and people photography.
From digital color and recently experimented with IR Monochrome with a modified camera, has also popularized throughout the nation.
He ventures into the world stage of international salon in June 2012 and gained his PSA 5 Star (PID-C) and PPSA distinction within 13 months.
He has won more than 150 international awards within 1 ½ year as the result by end of 2013.
Currently he contributes in judging photographic competitions, photographic talks and exhibition He has traveled 32 countries, he leads and organizes local and international photography expedition exploring mainly the countries of South-East Asia, Himalayan countries like Nepal and Tibet, India, China and ect.  
Email : danny_imageworld@yahoo.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/dannyimageworld
Searching Alone
Hard Labor
I Stand Alone
One Family
Trash Picker
Trash Picker
Garbage Dump
Garbage Dump
Bullock Cart
Stool Seller
Stool Seller
Cold Morning
Banana Stall
Banana Stall
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