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Marcellian Tan
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Hello, my name is Dr Marcellian Tan. Born in Malaysia, I’m a medical doctor by profession. In 2008, I embarked on what would become a remarkable personal journey, and one that continues to this day. Roaming the world with my camera bag in hand, I set out to work hard and to learn about photography — always seeking to better capture the untouched beauty and natural serenity of my surroundings.

Most of all, I was enraptured with the way that dramatic, natural lighting, particularly at sunrise and sunset, could so deeply enrich a place or a moment-making a beautiful landscape, remarkable. From the rice fields of China, to the beaches of my home country Malaysia, to the barren volcanic lands of Iceland, I will often return to a location many times, watching the weather conditions, searching for the right spot, repeatedly in search of the most dramatic lighting.

Along the way, I am always learning, and always striving to improve my images.
The world is such an unbelievably beautiful place. It is my hope that the images I have captured will help to heighten your sense of how it important it is to preserve and protect the fragile natural world around us.

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