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Bruce Burgess FPSNZ
Bruce developed his first Black & White film at the age of 12 which lead to a lifetime passion for the medium of photography, culminating in numerous national competition medals over the years including in the field of audio visuals.
Bruce is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand, and is currently serving his 5th year on the PSNZ Honours Board.
In 1989, Bruce joined the Henderson Photographic Society (Inc) situated in West Auckland of New Zealand and is currently the patron of the club.
After decades of operating his own business in the accountancy world, Bruce is now retired and has time to enjoy some freelance photography in the field of landscape, travel, photojournalism, people and creative photography.
In 1997, Bruce had his eyes opened to the world of creative photography after attending a 5 day course “The Use of the Right Side of the Brain in Photography” by inspirational Canadian Photographer Freeman Paterson.. In 2006, Bruce was invited by the Chinese Photographers Association to join a team of 8 international photographers to capture the traditions and people in two Chinese provinces.
Bruce has a philosophy in photography to adopt a personal style that portrays an artistic vision which not only communicates but is also emotionally powerful. And, it must be fun! 

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