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Leszek Paradowski - AFIAP
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Leszek Paradowski - holder of the artistic titles of AFIAP International Federation of Photographic Art and the PPSA of Photographic Society of America, Artist photographer of Polish Republic's Photoclub, Vice President of Fotoferia Club, member of Polish Nature Photographers' Union.
The Photographer constantly seeking his creative identity, realizing wide spectrum visions from photography of nature, landscape to conceptual, creative and act. All photos are done on location at exceptional scenery, thanks to that they acquire additional esthetic values and obtain the appropriate atmosphere. Recently special place in his work holds conceptual photography. With this form of art he is trying to stimulate the senses, emotions of the recipient, leaving freedom of interpretation at the same time.
Winner of dozens international photography competitions in many countries around the world. In 2012 winner of Grand Prix and 5 gold medals in one of the biggest in the world photographic competitions "21° TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2012".
His works have been repeatedly published in albums, magazines, calendars, domestic and foreign catalogs and participated in international post-contest exhibitions on six continents.
Seeking Own Way
Joy of Existence
The Time Has Stopped
A touch of wind
Two Personalities
Power Of Survive
Hard Returns
Mutual Affection
Silent Fields
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