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Viktor Kanunnikov - AFIAP
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Viktor Kanunnikov - AFIAP - PPSA
was born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg now), Russia in 1951.
In 1975 he graduated from institute with a degree in engineer in radio-electronics.
He has been keen on photography since school. Step by step he learnt the secrets of taking pictures.
In 1979 he joined one of the city’s photo clubs and was its member for several years.
In March 2012 he joined PSA and now he’s got the titles “Four Star Exhibitor” in Projected Image Division (PID), “Three Stars Exhibitor” in Nature (ND) and Photo Travel (PTD) Divisions.
In September 2012 he joined Creative Union “PhotoArt”.
In 2013 he got the honorable title AFIAP and in January 2014 he got the honorable title PPSA.
Since 2011 he has constantly taken part in national and international photographic contests under FIAP and PSA patronage. His works were exposed at more than 200 international exhibitions. He got more than 50 awards, the most significant ones are listed below.
2011 - China 14h International Photographic Art Exhibition – Gold FIAP Medal
2012 - 4th ICS five countries Digital Circuit of Exhibitions – Bronze PSBP Medal
2013 - Georgia Southern Circuit – Gold PSA Medal
2013 - North Georgia Small Print Circuit – Gold PSA Medal
2013 - 8th International Salon of Art Photography "Pokrova Vernissage 2013" Gold Salon Medal
2013 - 4th China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition - CIDPAE Silver PSA Medal

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