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Ravindra Ranasinghe - AFIAP
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Ravindra Ranasinghe AFIAP
Ravindra Ranasinghe is one of the foremost photographers in Sri Lanka, swiftly gaining recognition across the globe as evidenced by the recent Associateship conferred on him by the  Federation International de L'Art Photographique.
 Ravindra Ranasinghe works as a specialist in Dialog Axiata PLC, but away from his desk, it is the camera that mesmerizes him.
Having experimented for a short time with video and then moving to a tiny camera for snap-shots was perhaps the genesis of his enthusiasm to make photo-artistry his mission in life, propelling him on a journey that has seen a his eye unveiled. 
Ravi observes people, places and activities from a myriad perceptions, seizing the moments of intrigue and at times mysticism; a delicacy or the bizarre in uniqueness of illumination and form.   Photographic creations thus fashioned have caught the eye of selectors the world over, presenting kudos for his artistry and garnering support for  the display of his photographic concepts at numerous prestigious exhibitions and salons.
This perhaps is what prompts him to opine, “....to me, photography is not only a passion but an art where I find the 'un-findable' in the commonest and simplest of places.”

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