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Reha Bilir - AFIAP
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Born in Beyşehir, Turkey, Reha Bilir is a graduate of Istanbul University Pharmacy Faculty. Having started to work on photography as an amateur during his secondary school years (1977),  Reha Bilir has won nearly 100 awards in several national and international competitions and more than 500 of his works were found worthy of exhibiting. Reha Bilir was chosen to join the national team for 5 times, and he was a member of the national teams that won the World Cup at the competition organized in Switzerland in 1999, and the mansion at the competition organized in Great Britain in 2004. He has been given via Yeşildağ Municipality the "honorary fellow countryman" title, as a result of his work on the stork valley located in the town of Yeşildağ, Beyşehir district, introducing the valley into the world of photography. He worked as a counselor for photographic activites of Selcuk University for several years. As a result of his digital work done in computerized environment, he has been pointed out as one of the forerunners of the field in publication called "Photography in Turkey". The photographer organized several slide shows and exhibitons throughout Turkey, and his interviews on photography have been published in several articles. He makes photo-interwievs for several magazines, and his articles about photography are currently being published in the "Photo Dijital" magazine. His photographes being exhibitied Photgraphy Days' activities nationally. Acting as a member of the jury in several national and international competitions, photographer has been honored with the AFIAP title. He is the president of International Art Phtography Club in Turkey. He has an art gallery; Sille Sanat Sarayı (www.sillesanat.com). Also he is the representative of UPI of Turkey and GB member of UPI.
Reha BİLİR is currently employed as a freelance pharmacist in Turkey.
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