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Dmytro Sobokar
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I was born 09.06.1981, Ukraine.
My way to photography began with art school, which I went from 4 years. 
At age 14, picked up my first camera, and then fell in love with photography. 
There are over 10,000 photographs in my collection at whole. 
My passion is fairy story and conceptual photo but also I specialize in shooting individual portraits, advertising on leading companies, as well as preparation of a portfolio, wedding photography. 
I'm a member of WPO (United Kingdom), member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine (NSPAU). 
There are 11 exhibitions, including 4 personal on my account. 
Now I live in ancient city Lviv, Ukraine. 
I`m the winner of many international contests:
Al-Thani Awards for Photography, Qatar, 2015 - 1-st place and FIAP Silver
Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria, 2014 -  2 Gold
Photo Art Championship, Austria, 2013 - Bronze
Best Wedding Photographer, Ukraine, 2015 - Bronze
Best Wedding Photographer, Ukraine, 2014 - Gold
Best Wedding Photographer, Ukraine, 2013 -  Gold
Silentium (Silence): The look through the prism of the lens.
There is the idea in the philosophy, according to which man is the first creature which not only a free speaking, but also a free silent creature.
Getting to know a person, Dmytro Sobokar poses a difficult goal to unravel the phenomenon of silence, the phenomenon of eternal silence and reticence.
Each work of artist is a study of limits of the possible and the impossible, a brief excursion into what is often beyond the limits of verbal expression, experiment with the plastic potential of each person.
Not all people have the opportunity to compose the letters in the right words, but all can make it clear what's going on in the depths of their souls with the help of his facial expressions.
The camera is an invisible wire between the existential and the fictional world.
The author shows us the contrasting facets of human silence.
The models involve us into a symbolic exchange of blank signs and we are willing to accept this game.
For Silence is the most natural form of existence in which each of us can find the answers.
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