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Colin Harrison - MFIAP
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Colin Harrison - FRPS - MFIAP - EFIAP/g - MPAGB - FBPE - FIPF- PPSA , has been taking photographs as far back as he can remember. As a teenager he used a camera to capture disappearing steam locomotives from around the world. He believes that by working for the various photographic qualifications improved his photography and  gave him a goal to aim for. Colin is working towards his EFIAP/platinum qualification.
He says that he just likes taking photographs and on any subject matter.  This has been very useful in the digital darkroom especially in producing montage images. He enjoys lecturing and judging at all levels from local clubs to International Salons. Colin now stands on the Licentiate ship Panel of the Royal Photographic Society but especially enjoys running RPS assessment days and sharing the enthusiasm of photographers trying to go on the first rung of the RPS qualification ladder.
Colin is a member of the Cheltenham Camera Club (CCC) and is Chairman of their International Salon .
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